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-Amateur artist - Don't be afraid to erase the comments I add - Check out my main blog through link below! -
Hope you enjoy !

This is an assignment i made for school, just a radioshow i made with a friend to help promote the beneficial factors of videogames and how it relates to Marshall McLuhan’s Medium theory. This is all made for educational purposes and the song used belongs to X-ray - song is called Zizibum i do not own the copyright laws to this song. 

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Sorry it took so long (nicole) but I finally posted my best pictures from photography. Sadly not all were posted because some were corrupted and others became too grainy on tumblr. I wish the studio had something better than that concrete ground but its what i was given to work with.

I hope you enjoy!

Also, I am primarily focusing on writing at the moment so it may a while until I post more art, perhaps some sketches every now and then but nothing too big